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Prosecution Guidelines

The ODPP's Prosecution Guidelines set out the general principles for the initiation and conduct of criminal prosecutions.

The current edition was published in March 2021.

For further information, see the Prosecution Guidelines page on this website.

Code of Conduct

The ODPP’s Code of Conduct establishes the ethical principles and standards of conduct that are to inform and guide:

all decisions made and action taken on the ODPP’s behalf and
all behaviour, professional and personal, while performing work for the ODPP.

Agreement with NSW Police Force

The ODPP and the NSW Police Force published an agreement in September 2022 on the content and service of an Early Appropriate Guilty Plea brief and charge certification.


Feedback and Complaints Policy
Victims Right of Review Policy
Victims Right to Request information sheet and form
Privacy Management Plan
Copyright Policy
Intellectual Property Policy

Information about the GIPA Act, Issuing Subpoenas on the ODPP and accessing brief items and sensitive evidence.

Public Interest Disclosure policy

The ODPP’s Public Interest Disclosure policy sets out how this Office will support and protect those who come forward with a report of serious wrongdoing and how the ODPP will deal with that report and its other responsibilities under the PID Act.

This policy is also part of the ODPP’s commitment to building a ‘speak up’ culture.

ODPP Public Interest Disclosures Act 2022 Policy
Overview of PID Act 2022 Information sheet