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Support services for victims and witnesses

Support services for victims and witnesses

Financial assistance and support services are available to victims of serious crime in NSW. 

Victims Support Scheme

Victims of crime can access support from Victims Services through the Victims Support Scheme, including counselling and financial assistance.

Financial support after motor vehicle death

If you are financially dependent on someone who has died in a car accident, you may be eligible for compensation.

Support for victims of crime involving mental illness

If the accused has a mental health impairment, special court procedures apply. Victims can access specialist services through Victims Services.

Victims' registers

Victims of crime in NSW can register to be kept informed about changes to the offender’s custody arrangements.

Witness entitlements and claims

Most witnesses will be entitled to meal expenses when they go to court to give evidence.

Further information and support

There are a number of agencies offering support for victims.

Witness Assistance Service

A Witness Assistance Officer can be assigned to victims of serious crime and to family members where the victim has died to assist them through the legal process.

Carers and support people

What it means to be a support person for a vulnerable victim or witness in a criminal prosecution.