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Crimes we prosecute

Crimes we prosecute

The ODPP’s primary role is to prosecute serious offences in the Supreme and District Courts. Find out about the laws relating to of the types of crimes frequently prosecuted by the ODPP. 


Cases involving the death of a person are the most serious cases prosecuted by the ODPP. The two main offences involving death are murder and manslaughter.

Serious assaults

Assaults are classified according to the type of harm that was inflicted either grievous bodily harm or actual bodily harm.

Sexual assault and child abuse

The ODPP prosecutes a wide range of sexual assault cases where the victim are both adults and children. 

Dangerous driving causing death or grievous bodily harm

The ODPP prosecutes dangerous driving that results in death or grievous bodily harm in the District Court.

Commercial supply and manufacture of prohibited drugs

The ODPP prosecutes serious offences under the Drug Misuse and Trafficking Act 1985

Corruption and public justice

The ODPP prosecutes a range of offences dealing with corrupt conduct and breaches of public justice.