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Victims & Witnesses
Information and support for victims and witnesses of crime and their families, carers and support people.
Victims & Witnesses

Victims rights

If you are a victim of crime, the NSW Charter of Victims Rights sets out how you can expect to be treated by agencies investigating and prosecuting the crime.

Victim Impact Statement

If you are a victim or witness of a serious crime, or a family member of a victim who has died, you may be able to make a Victim Impact Statement (VIS).

Support services for victims and witnesses

The financial assistance and support services available to victims of serious crime in NSW, and where to find further information.

Witness Assistance Service

The ODPP’s Witness Assistance Service (WAS) provides a range of support services and information to vulnerable victims and witnesses.

Carers and support people

What it means to be a support person for a vulnerable victim or witness in a criminal prosecution.

ODPP Information for Victims & Witnesses

Brochures on Victim Impact Statements, the Witness Assistance Service, sentencing, appeals and supporting victims and witnesses at court.