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Preparing for court
Going to court as a key witness or complainant in a criminal matter can be a stressful experience. The ODPP will assist you in your preparation by speaking with you beforehand to explain the key Court processes, your role in those processes, and to answer any questions you may have.
Preparing for court
Inside courtroom

About the prosecution process

The ODPP prosecute serious crimes. The prosecution of those matters will generally occur in the District and Supreme Court. This section explains the possible steps that the process may take.

working together

Early questions

Being called as a witness or victim in a criminal court case is a new experience for most people. This section provides answers to commonly asked questions.  

out front of court

Before you go to court

If you are a victim or another key witness in the case, it is likely the ODPP will wish to speak to you beforehand to help you prepare and answer any questions or concerns you may have.

Court House

Going to court

This section explains the practicalities of attending Court on the day. 

judge in court

Giving evidence

This section describes what will happen at court and when you are in the witness box. 

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Court arrangements for vulnerable witnesses

Vulnerable witnesses (children and victims of sexual assault and personal violence) have additional protections when giving evidence. This section explains those protections.