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Feedback, complaints or suggestions

Feedback, complaints or suggestions

The ODPP aims to be accessible and responsive to victims of crime, witnesses and our other stakeholders in the prosecution process. We strive to deliver a quality service and to continuously improve the way victims and witnesses are treated.

We welcome, and will constructively use your feedback on what we have done wrong, what we could do better and where we have exceeded expectations.

As the prosecution process involves a number of agencies, not all feedback will be relevant to the ODPP. Below is a list of the feedback you should direct to us, and what you should direct to another agency.

For further information, also see our Feedback and Complaints Policy.

Feedback, complaints or suggestions we will deal with

The ODPP will deal with:

  • any allegation of impropriety or misconduct by a NSW ODPP staff member
  • any clearly expressed grievance about the way the ODPP handled a case; or about our policies, procedures or service.

If you want to make a complaint or provide feedback on any of these subjects, please complete this online form or download a form and email it to, or

Feedback, complaints or suggestions for another agency
Judges and Magistrates

Complaints about judges or magistrates (judicial officers) should be referred to the Judicial Commission of NSW. More information is available here

NSW Police and police officers

Complaints about NSW Police or NSW police officers should be directed to the Law Enforcement Conduct Commission. More information is available here.


Please note: Allegations of criminal conduct are usually investigated by the police. The ODPP has no power to direct police or other agencies in their investigations.