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Work Experience
Law students who have a requirement to undertake work placement can apply to the ODPP.
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The ODPP is only able to offer work experience to law students who are completing a course or degree that requires them to undertake a placement. Due to the nature of the work that the ODPP handles, it is not possible to offer work experience to high school students.

Requests for work experience will be considered on a case by case basis and opportunities will vary depending on location, resources and other operational demands. 

Our major focus around legal experience is our Legal Development Program, so the Office does not generally consider PLT placements.

How to Apply

All requests for work experience must be sent in writing from the University, such as from the work experience coordinator, to Human Resources including the following information:

  • information about the course being studied and the requirements to undertake work experience as part of the course 
  • the dates and duration of the placement requested
  • evidence that it is approved work experience covered by the institution’s accident cover and public liability insurances
  • the learning outcomes/objectives of the requirement
  • the student's resume detailing their qualifications
  • a cover letter addressing why the student wishes to work with the NSW ODPP, why they are a suitable candidate, the office location they are applying for and the schedule
  • the student's university transcript

It should be noted that students will need to complete a criminal history check and sign a confidentiality agreement prior to commencing any work experience.