double arrowIf you gave a statement to police about a crime, you could be called as a witness to give evidence in court.

A witness can be:

  • a victim of crime
  • someone who was there when a crime was committed or may know something about it.

Witnesses are very important to our criminal justice system. Justice cannot be done without you providing evidence to the courts.

Going to court and being a witness

Going to Court

  • Early questions witnesses often ask
  • What happens before you go to court
  • On the day
  • In the witness box.

Witness Assistance Service

WASThe ODPP’s Witness Assistance Service (WAS) provides support and information to victims of serious crime and vulnerable witnesses in matters we prosecute.

Witness expenses

CalculatorYou can claim some of your expenses for going to court, and for coming to our office for a conference.

Prosecuting crimes: The legal process

Legal Process

  • The main steps in a criminal prosecution
  • What happens in trials, sentencing and appeals
  • Prosecutions in the Local and Children's Courts
  • When the accused is mentally ill or impaired

Victim impact statements

VISIf you were harmed in a serious crime or are a family member of a victim who died as the result of a crime, you will usually be able to make a victim impact statement if the offender pleads guilty or is found guilty.