Our vision and values

Our vision

The ODPP’s vision is to be a dynamic prosecution service recognised for its excellence and leadership.

Our goals

Our goals are to:

  • deliver a high quality, independent and professional prosecution service

  • provide a fair, just and timely service to victims and witnesses

  • improve the ways we interact internally and with our criminal justice partners

  • develop, recognise and celebrate the knowledge, skills and commitment of our people.

Our Signature Behaviours

The ODPP Signature Behaviours are:

  • Act with integrity, by behaving ethically and professionally and adhering to public service values 
  • Communicate clearly, both verbally and in writing, and actively listen to others and respond in a respectful way
  • Be courageous, by being open and honest, prepared to express your professional views and willing to accept and commit to change
  • Be accountable, by taking responsibility for your actions, adhering to legislation and policy and using resources efficiently
  • Be adaptive, by planning and achieving priority outcomes, responding in a flexible manner and participating in initiatives that encourage positive change across the ODPP
  • Promote a supportive environment, by showing respect for diverse backgrounds, experiences and perspectives, accepting differing opinions and views and working collaboratively
  • Never stop learning, by adopting and maintaining a commitment to ongoing learning and development.

Our Code of Conduct        

The ODPP’s Code of Conduct establishes the ethical principles and standards of conduct that are to inform and guide:

  • all decisions made and action taken on the ODPP’s behalf

  • all behaviour, professional and personal, while performing work for the ODPP.