Aboriginal Victims and Witnesses

If you are a victim of crime or witness in a case prosecuted by the ODPP, there is information and support available through the Witness Assistance Service (WAS).

Aboriginal WAS Officers

Every one of our regions in NSW has an Aboriginal WAS Officer who can assist you. You can contact the ODPP to find which Aboriginal WAS Officer is covering your area.
The WAS Officers have professional qualifications, training and experience in counselling to assist victims and witnesses and their families going through the prosecution process.

Aboriginal WAS Officers can help you with:

  • Understanding the Court process

  • Staying informed and updated about the court case

  • Understanding your rights and entitlements

  • Providing referrals for counselling and support

  • Talking with ODPP lawyers

  • Preparing for court

  • Arranging court support

  • Information about writing a victim impact statement.

To contact the Witness Assistance Service phone 1800 814 534 - ask to speak to the Aboriginal WAS Officer or a WAS Officer in your region.

Victims Services have the Aboriginal Contact Line 1800 019 123

Copy Of Aboriginal WAS brochure E Feb 2012 (A2286514)