Your Rights as a Victim

The ODPP is bound by the Victims Charter of Rights which says that:

  • We will treat you with courtesy, compassion, respect and cultural sensitivity
  • We will provide you with information about services and entitlements
  • We will keep you informed about the progress and outcome of the case if you tell us to do so
  • We must consult with you if we are considering modifying charges or not proceeding with the case
  • We will give you information about your role as a witness
  • We will tell the court of your need for protection from the accused person when the court decides on bail. If bail is granted, we will tell you about the accused person’s bail conditions
  • Your home address and phone number will be kept confidential, where possible
  • A victim of an act of violence can write a Victim Impact Statement for the Sentencing of the offender. We will provide you with this information after a conviction or a plea of guilty
  • We will provide on request a letter of certification for your employer so you can be released from work to attend court hearings
  • We will provide you with information about Victims Register. This gives you the right to be informed when an offender is to be released from custody.

Click here to access information about the Charter of Victims Rights in plain English or in a number of other languages

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If you want find out how to make a complaint to Victims Services about your Charter Rights click here.